Beta Alpha One Collection

Presenting the Alpha One. Where it all started. The Alpha One is a revolutionary “proof of concept” that brings scientific technology and advanced hydro-filtration into a medicinal instrument that was previously unaffordable to most patients. The Alpha One is our first device, and has set the foundation for the scientific
diffusion principals you can find throughout all of our models. The diffusion of vapor is optimized through the Alpha One’s triple-stage system. First, as vapor
passes through our multi-slit diffuser, particles are broken down with great efficiency. The refinement then continues as the vapor and water pass simultaneously through our nuclear agitator towards an upward spiral. Finally, reaching our high-flow direct injection internal recycler, the water and vapor are separated via gravity. The resulting effect is a journey that must be experienced first-hand to fully understand and enjoy the capabilities of this
Available in Clear and Accents Editions.