Meditating Rig

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Meditation Rig
Artists: Bishop & BMFT

BMFT is an American creative artist whom creates most often then not, pizza themed glass pieces. “Meditation Rig”, created at the Lost Art Studio in California, utilizes an upside down face as the base of the piece and spine like neck for the section moving towards the mouthpiece (milk bottle shape). The effect of a yoga practitioner doing a headstand is readily seen as one places the piece on its base. BMFT is also known for creating expressive faces on his pieces, much like the relaxed facial expression seen on “Meditation Rig”. This rig was also created in collaboration with Bishop and, together they have created a dreamy and relaxing piece with calm, earth-toned colors. The piece is very organic and, when heated, the glass changes colors, a difficult technique to achieve when choosing glass as a medium.