Flamed Carb Cap

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Flamed Carb Cap
Artist: Salt


Presenting the "Flamed Carb Cap", another elegant pod displaying the wonders of functional glass art.  Dualling as directional carb cap while still showcasing his trademark the teeth.


Salt, an American glass blowing artist from Austin, Texas (blowing glass since 2001), is one of functional glass’ best artist is widely recognized for his creature like pieces adorned with sharp teeth, chicken eyes and frankly, pieces that resemble a Dr. Frankenstein experiment. Salt states the following regarding his pieces, “As an artist I see art both historically, as well as on a level operating as form of release for those who create. Art that’s considered good, while this is subjective and thus differs from person to person, oftentimes carries a message that more people can identify with.” And we strongly agree with Salt. His pieces reflect a rawness of life never seen before in glassblowing.