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Artists: Josh Ford & Jahnny Rise
Shop mates Ford & Rise combined skills on this inspiring ‘IT’ themed tube. Jahnny, who is known for his expert use of fuming, made the cab on the back of the piece while Josh expertly encased an image of a surprised Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants over top. This was especially difficult considering too much heat would have caused the gold & silver to burn out and not be displayed properly and, too much heat would have also caused the image of Patrick to become distorted. Josh, who is known for his expert millie work, is no longer making these particular millies, adding to the exclusivity of this piece. It is signed by both artists and engraved with “#1”, as this is Joshs’ first ever mini tube! A great purchase for any collector or tech fan!
Josh Ford, an artist from Portland, Oregon, along with Jahnny Rise have collaborated together in order to create the ultimate techy glass rig. The “IT” rig displays a laboratory like aesthetic to the piece.
The earth tones along with their meticulous millies inevitably make this rig nothing short of spectacular. If heated too much, the millies could lose their shape and become distorted thus, making this piece a complicated one to complete. It should also be highlighted that Jahnny Rise has been blowing glass for over 15 years and excels in the fuming technique which can be seen in his pieces while Josh Ford is also known for creating glass jewelry in his spare time.