Silver Strike Tail

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Silver Strike Tail
Artist: Browski
  • (Silver Strike, worked, 14mm female joint)
Vancouver artist Browski has been making a name for himself in the industry by introducing to the world his “Slug” collection.

His signatures focus on capturing expressive details in the slug’s faces which are remarkably astonishing and frankly, quite adorable. Each slug created by Browski has a unique personality of it's own. A great entry level piece for any collector. Careful! They are practically too cute to resist! 
The Slugs are not only cute and look at you with a smile on their faces, they also have incredible function! Each slug is unique and created with various colors and shapes and artists such as Gibson Glass along with Biglin and Al Gore Glass have collaborated with Browski in order to continue the slug saga. Browski is also well verse in creating recyclers and tubes as well as carb caps however, he definitely has a soft spot for his slugs!