Salt- Turpepine


This is a Terpupine, a new breed of Salt Glass. The only one in existence. This creature may end up changing drastically or possibly even not surviving. It really depends on what everyone thinks.
A Terpupine¬†has a bouquet of removable dabber appendages that allow multiple people to interact with a rig more easily. In this case there are 15 matching dabbers on the top. Each dabber has a pointed end and a “scoop” side adapting to all material types and size preferences easily. The bottom vessel is separate and has a 10 mm stopper so it can hold water or alcohol to be used in the cleaning process. Over all this is an attempt to deal with the mess and “work load” of a large sesh with many people while highlighting the social aspect of glass pipes. Salt made sure the stopper was wide enough to work well as a cap on any size banger. Made using a Calico of purple rain and blue dream.


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