Nano Rig #27/100 – Artist: Ben David


Nano Rig#27/100

Artist: Ben David

This rig is the 27th from a limited series of nano tubes that will not exceed 100 tubes. Ben has created, signed and numbered approximately 50 thus far and, Galerie LeDAB has both the  27th and 31st Nano tubes. There will be no colour duplication within this series, making each tube extremely exclusive. It is surprising the level of function they provide, including doubling as a carb cap, considering they stand at just under 2″ tall!  Each one comes with a convenient travel pelican case, which are also signed and numbered by Ben, allowing you to confidently bring your rig wherever you go.


Height 2”
Base Size 1.5″ x 1.5”
Joint Size 10mm Male
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Downstem Fixed
Percolator 1 Hole
Country of Origin USA