Mediation Rig – Artists: Bishop x BMFT


Meditation Rig
Artists: Bishop & BMFT

Made in Trinidad, California, at the Lost Art Studio, this collaboration between Bishop and BMFT is truly an exceptional work of art. With an upside down face as the base of the piece and spine like neck section leading to the mouthpiece, the impression of a yoga practitioner doing a headstand can readily be seen. BMFT assembled the tube with his classic ‘milk bottle’ shaping, while Bishop, who is known for his emotionally expressive human faces, did an incredible job on this particular carving. Even the colors behind the carving seem to speak to the emotive nature of this practitioners’ facial expression.


SKU: 017-26-01

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Base Size

2.25'' x 2.25''

Joint Size

14mm Male

Joint Angle

45 Degree