Blue Dream Retticello Bottle – Artist: Chow x PAG


Blue Dream Retticello Bottle

Artists: Chow x PAG

Designed by teacher PAG along with his apprentice Chow, this beautiful piece displays a delicately laid white retticello pattern against blue dream and crushed opal sections. Crushed opals is a technique where opals are broken into small shards and mixed into the borosilicate glass color that give the sections a sparkly gemstone look. The opals are not made of glass however, they have a similar co-efficient of expansion which allows them to be blended seamlessly with the glass. Crushed opal pieces also have a greater risk of breaking during manufacturing, thus adding a certain level of difficulty and an element of danger in their creation.

Height 10.25”
Base Size 4” x 4”
Joint Size 10mm Female
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Downstem Fixed
Percolator 4-5 Hole
Country of Origin USA
SKU: 017-32-01