Roor Horn Tube – Artists: Stratis x Korey x Nish


Horn Tube
Artists: Stratis x Korey x Nish 

After being flown to the Cultiva Expo in Vienna (2015) to create pieces in front of a live audience, these three artists were brought to ROOR HQ in Germany to create a signature line of collabs. Every piece features each artists’ respective shaping and design. Also, each piece from this series are signed by the artists. This vibrant tube was done in a very classic shape, the translucent purple offers a beautiful contrast against the other line work and the piece is tied together by an incredible base.

Height 6.75”
Base Size 4” x 4”
Joint Size 14mm Female
Joint Angle 45 Degrees
Downstem Fixed
Percolator 2 Hole
Country of Origin Germany
SKU: 017-35-01