Pond Mini #29 – Artist: Kennaroo Koi


Pond Mini #29

Kennaroo Koi

  • This is #29th mini out of the “Pond Mini” series
  • About Kennaroo: From Virgnia, Kennaroo specializes in Millie technique and explosive color patterns
  • This piece features subtle Millie patterns at the base and also at the handle depicting a “koi” pond in resonance with the Artist’s identity, arousing your inner child as you peek into the piece’s tube as if looking into a kaleidoscope
  • The explosive colors are sure to capture your eye with swirls of purple, pink, turquoise and white waves demonstrating the outer chaos in contrast to the inner peace of the “Koi” pond.
  • Ready for more surprises? The white lip also glows under UV light
Height 4.75”
Base Size 1.75”
Joint Size 10mm Female
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Downstem Removable
Percolator 1 hole- (2 included) 1 bowl with stem + 1 stem (10mm/10mm male)
Country of Origin Canada