ROOR Bottle – Artists: Nish x Korey x Stratis


ROOR Bottle

Artists: Nish x Korey x Stratis

After being flown to the Cultiva Expo in Vienna (2015) to create pieces in front of a live audience, these three artists were brought to ROOR HQ in Germany to create a signature line of collaborations. Every piece features each artists’ respective shaping and design. Also, each piece from this series are signed by the artists. This bottle was shaped by Nish in his signature style, the beautiful chip stack section was effected by Korey and Stratis is to thank for the faceted opal encasement with horns. Not only does this piece have some super clean lines, the combination of Nishs’ narrow neck & mouth opening with an inline diffuser, offer some serious functionality.


Height 8”
Base Size 2.75” x 2.75”
Joint Size 14mm Female
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Downstem Fixed
Percolator Inline
Country of Origin Germany (2015)
SKU: 017-29-01