Roor UV Tube Artists: Stratis x Korey x Nish


Roor UV Tube
Artists: Stratis x Korey x Nish

After being flown to the Cultiva Expo in Vienna (2015) to create pieces in front of a live audience, these three artists were brought to ROOR HQ in Germany to create a signature line of collabs. Every piece features each artists’ respective shaping and design. This tube offers a nice blend of classic styles with a new age touch. The black glass hides the illuminati dot sections around the mouthpiece so well that you wouldn’t even realize it is adorned until you hit it with the appropriate lighting. The base, downstem and tube are also laden with UV reactive glass.

Height 9”
Base Size 3” x 3”
Joint Size 10mm Female
Joint Angle 45 Degrees
Downstem Fixed
Percolator 4 Hole
Country of Origin Germany


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