Ripflask – Artists: Salt x Hamsta Fam


Artists: Salt x Hamsta Fam

This exceptional piece is the result of a collaboration between Salt and Hamsta Fam. Salt shaped the rig and equipped it with, what he refers to as, a ‘Salt Perc’. This innovative design involves the downstem being nestled inside the wall of the piece, which prevents the functional aspect of the rig to take away from the art itself. Salt is currently the only one using this technique. Hamsta Fam adorned this piece with his hobnail technique of fuming, where gold & silver are heated to vaporization temperatures and captured within the glass.


Height 5”
Base Size 2.75” x 1”
Joint Size 10mm Female
Joint Angle 45 Degrees
Percolator Salt Perc
Country of Origin USA
SKU: 017-58-01