Tuxedo Glow Tube – Artist: Talon


Tuxedo Glow Tube

Artist: Talon

Time to shine those shoes guys and gals, Talon is really classing things up with this mini glow tube! With two downstems (a 2 hole and a 3 hole diffy), seamless opal encasement and mouthpiece, bowl and joint rims that glow in the dark (once charged by sunlight), this ‘Tuxedo’ rig will indeed have you ready for the ball!

Height 5.5”
Base Size 2.25” x 2.25”
Joint Size 10mm Female
Joint Angle 45 Degree
Downstem Removable (2)
Percolator 2 hole + 3 hole
Country USA 2016
SKU: 017-28-01