Coral Reef Tube – Artist: W.C. Stearns


Coral Reef Tube

Artist: W.C. Stearns


W.C. Stearns takes us to depths with his underwater themed pieces. This Coral Reef Tube by Will is certainly no exception. Encrusted with coral and teaming with a host of aquatic millies and other sea creatures, this dichro tube resonates with seafarers and land lovers alike! In this price range, there are very few artists that create such expressive and time consuming work. While on hiatus for 2016, Stearns did not release any new work. With a small void in the market due to his absense, the opportunity to acquire this piece is even more tantalizing.


Height 11”
Base Size 3” x 3”
Joint Size 14mm Male
Joint Angle 45 Degrees
Downstem Removable
Percolator 3 Hole
Country of Origin USA
SKU: 017-53-01